Whiteboard Tools within a Remote Support Session

Using TeamViewer to provide remote support to friends, family, colleagues and customers is great. Sometimes though, the person receiving the support would prefer that you only be able to observe their screen, rather than have complete remote control. In this situation, the new whiteboard for remote control sessions in TeamViewer 10 comes in handy.

Show Them How To Do It, Without Doing it For Them

By using the whiteboard tools within the remote control session, you can guide the end-user by sketching, typing, using comment bubbles or highlighting areas of their screen, all without having mouse or keyboard access to their system. This gives the end-user peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have the ability to modify anything on their system, but still lets you help them in a productive way. Plus, with TeamViewer 10’s improved audio quality, you’ll be able to talk them through what they need to do as your sketching, making this tricky remote support scenario even easier.

Whiteboard Tools Now Available in TeamViewer Remote Control Sessions

Whiteboard Tools Now Available in TeamViewer Remote Control Sessions

Teaching Mom to Fish

We’re all likely familiar with the proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. This is often true with IT support.

Say you’re remotely helping your mom for the umpteenth time with something on her computer. Rather than fixing the issue yourself, with the whiteboard tools found in TeamViewer 10, you can show her how to do it herself. She can then save a PNG image of the whiteboard session, to remind her what steps need to be taken the next time the same problem comes up.

The new whiteboard feature in remote control works on both PC and Mac. Give it a try today!

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15 replies
  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Really love it! But please add an “erase all” button. Against trolls who just keep erasing, maybe one only the host can press it or everyone has to agree to erase it or something like that. I would appreciate it

    • Juulia Ruha
      Juulia Ruha says:

      Hello Jenny,
      Thank you for your suggestion. I will add this to our feature request list. Please note we cannot promise if and when we’ll implement such a solution. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

    • Doug McKerson
      Doug McKerson says:

      Hi Riley, thank you for your comment. I’ve forwarded your suggestion internally. Please note we cannot promise if and when whiteboard user control will be implemented. Please get in touch with any other comments or questions at any time.

  2. roland
    roland says:

    Yes the whiteboard control usage is little bit clumsy. If I have pointed out something than I have to manually delete it which is a pain in the a** for regular usage.

  3. Durham Bell
    Durham Bell says:

    Whiteboard is not always displayed on my (server) end. It seems as though my output is displaying on the client side though, which makes me look a bit of an ass. Also, I completely lose control of the client machine once I try to annotate something (even after switching off whiteboard). A little help? There are almost no resources online for this feature (other than this 2-year-old blog post).


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