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TeamViewer App for Microsoft Outlook

Would you like to turn your emails into real conversations? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just start a chat session with any participant of an email conversation or even set up a video call? Now you can!

Take your discussion to a more efficient level with the TeamViewer integration for Outlook. Chat, remote control, video calls, and screen sharing are available for any participant from within your Outlook email conversations.

Get to the point with real-time conversations

From a business perspective, Microsoft Outlook is the world’s leading desktop client for personal information management. Many employees worldwide use Outlook to manage emails, appointments, tasks, and business contacts.

We have all had that moment were we needed countless emails to answer one little question. These moments have made us yearn for smarter, less bloated processes.

Sometimes a quick chat or video call can help to discuss things more easily than writing email after email. At other times, directly sharing your screen might be even better.

When managing work projects, collaboration via e-mail only can sometimes be challenging. However, working without emails is definitely not an option.

The TeamViewer integration expands Outlook with the collaborative utilities that you have missed the most – the ability to communicate straightforward, rather than depending on the classical “letter” format of an email.

TeamViewer integration for Microsoft Outlook

TeamViewer has released a great new integration for its customers. The TeamViewer integration for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Microsoft Exchange Online Server offers a seamless integration of TeamViewer’s main features for collaboration and remote access into any email conversation.

Just install the TeamViewer app from the Office Store or ask your system administrator to do so. Reopen Outlook and you will see the app within any email conversation.

If a recipient is using a TeamViewer account, you can add her or him to your TeamViewer Computers & Contacts list. After that, you are able to connect as described below.


Alternatively, if the recipient is already part of your Computers & Contacts list, you can see if the recipient is online within TeamViewer and then start a chat or video call, share your screen, or establish a remote control session with her or him.


Would you like to test the TeamViewer Outlook App yourself? Then download and install the app right from the  Microsoft Office Store 

Download the TeamViewer App for Outlook

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4 replies
  1. Gonzalo Parra
    Gonzalo Parra says:

    Seems like this requires you to either use Office 365 or have an Exchange 2013 server, couldn’t you make this a regular Outlook Plug-in / Add-on we can download and install? the way this was released it is very restrictive…

    • Juulia Ruha
      Juulia Ruha says:

      Hello Gonzalo,
      Thanks for your message. The TeamViewer app for Outlook requires Office 365 with Exchange Online or with Exchange 2013. I have forwarded your feedback on the Outlook app internally to our product management. Please note that we cannot promise when or if the requirements for the app will be changed. Nevertheless, your feedback is very important to us as we want to continue to develop TeamViewer based on our users’ needs and demands. If you have any questions about TeamViewer, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  2. david beahan
    david beahan says:

    What I would like is a way to get contacts into TeamViewer. We want to start using ServiceCamp but service camp needs contacts not computers. My contacts exist in Outlook. I’d like a simple way to get those contacts available in ServiceCamp.


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