The Comprehensive Monitoring and Management of Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things lives off the big numbers of devices connected to one another. To keep the overview, a comprehensive monitoring and management solution is essential.

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize the way we live.

But while it’s quite neat to have a fridge that never runs out of frozen pizza, that’s not really revolutionary, is it?

A smart home or smart building needs more than just individual objects connected to the Wi-Fi.

Really smart buildings use a wide range of sensors that detect movements, temperature, or moisture levels – just to name a few – that monitor their environment and provide the information to a central point.

When all the data is being processed and utilized by an integrated system, that is when IoT shows its true potential and can deliver on that ambitious promise to revolutionize the way we live.

The only problem is: The more sensors and devices there are in one system, the harder it gets to monitor, manage and maintain all of them.

After all, all the sensors in the world won’t help, if you don’t keep the overview and control over them.

TeamViewer and HARMAN Team Up for a Joint IoT Solution

To deliver a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage small and large numbers of IoT devices in smart homes or buildings, TeamViewer and HARMAN started a collaboration.

Before, HARMAN customers with smart buildings were already able to use the HARMAN IoT gateway to gather the status of building devices through more than 500 different sensor types.

By combining their Smart Building management system and TeamViewer’s remote control offering, operations managers and service technicians can continuously monitor the IoT Gateway.

The operational status of the gateway is displayed in HARMAN’s Smart Building dashboard, with additional detail available on TeamViewer’s own extensive monitoring dashboard.

The solution displays critical information collected from a variety of sensors as well as monitor the sensors and gateways.

That way, service technicians and operations managers can receive notifications on the sensors, including common problems such as connectivity or battery power issues, as well as the possibility to access the gateway to run updates or troubleshoot remotely.

Access will be enabled through a web interface on the gateway.

The Future is Near 

The industries around the internet of things have taken some major steps in maturing the array of technologies needed to tap into its full potential.

Without naming any of the extrapolations estimating astonishing numbers of IoT devices by year X, it’s already clear that IoT is a term that will coin the present and future.

The internet of Things is sure to hold improvements in living standards, as well as efficiency and productivity.

That being said, at the same time we must continue to improve and develop new solutions to get everything out of the technology while keeping it manageable and secure.

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  1. iOSEmus
    iOSEmus says:

    Stefan, Team viewer is the best software in its sector specially for macbook user this application now support voice over access which i love the most since now we can’t just access other computer remotely we can communicate with them as well.

  2. Charleux
    Charleux says:

    A bit stuck on a question regarding the possibilities of Teamviewer. I know that Teamviewer can link into PCs (with .exe), but we are looking for a Teamviewer that can link to PDAs (with .cab).
    If anyone has any answers, they would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


  3. Steve Reeves
    Steve Reeves says:

    This is really interesting.

    The smart home is moving in the direction of voice control but I find myself wishing that I had something visual to look at to manage all of my devices other than the Alexa app which is not quite there as far as the interface goes.

  4. John
    John says:


    Indeed great information shared about how to monitoring and manage the smart buildings. Such a good things explain. Thank you very much.

  5. gta san andreas
    gta san andreas says:

    This is really interesting.The smart home is moving in the direction of voice control but I find myself wishing that I had something visual to look at to manage all of my devices other than the Alexa app which is not quite there as far as the interface goes. thanks for share

  6. 3DS Emulator
    3DS Emulator says:

    Team viewer is the best software, it is amazing. I am using this a lot, to connect with my clients to solve their problems. Also, it is the best way to teach someone. We are using team viewer in our office too, by which we are connected with each other.


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